We are a group of students and young researchers from around the world, concerned about the future of Roşia Montană, a beautiful village in the Apuseni Mountains of Transylvania (Western Romania), threatened with destruction through a large open-cast gold mining operation. Together we have drafted an “open letter” of protest, outlining the major risks raised by the gold exploitation and the possible alternatives for development in the region, outside mining. Through this letter, we aim to provide reliable sources of information concerning the exploitation, as well as reach out to the Romanian youth, who need to take action if they do not want to inherit an environmental and cultural disaster in 20 years’ time.

We welcome your comments and signatures of support. Together, we can make a difference!

Theodor Braşoveanu – Princeton University, Romanian Students & Scholars Assoc.
Elena Cânepă – Carnegie Mellon University, Romanian Student Association
Tudor Dumitraş – Carnegie Mellon University, Romanian Student Association
Ioan Mărginean – League of Romanian Students Abroad, US Chapter


One Response to Authors

  1. ruxandra panaitescu, architect says:

    too many beautiful areas of romania have already been destroyed by the former communist regime. to continue this destruction is a crime.
    my hope is that this action will add to the international opposition to this project and will stop it.
    it is also my understanding that the beneficiaries are going to be a foreign company who is getting the concession (or ownership?). please clarify this issue.

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